What is the Modus Business Panel?

Modus Business Panel provides a forum for Canada's owners, managers and executives to voice their opinions on important business and economic issues. Our members make up an influential community of managers and business leaders from all sectors and industries across Canada. As Canada's first and only truly representative business panel, all members are randomly recruited.

How does it work?

No more than once a month we send you an email invitation to participate in one of our online surveys. The feedback you provide will be used to help to guide key business decisions and policy. Along with offering our members charity dollars, members have exclusive access to unique market intelligence.

Benefits of Membership

Give Your Opinion

We work with some of Canada's leading businesses and non-profits who want to know what you think about the issues that matter. Our surveys deal with interesting and important issues relating to business and the economy.

Have Influence

Our members make up an influential community of managers and business leaders from all sectors and industries across Canada. Data from the research is used to guide key business decisions and policy.

Get Access

We provide our members with exclusive access to unique market intelligence. Enjoy privileged access to our reports, summaries, and insights from the survey data.

About Modus

Modus Business Panel is owned and operated by Modus Research, an independent and Canadian-owned research company, specializing in B2B research.

The Modus Team is made up of a core group of seasoned research professionals dedicated to conducting research to the highest scientific and ethical standards. Modus Business Panel was developed with the idea that research must be built on a foundation of scientific methodologies and tools.

All Modus staff are members of AAPOR, which has the world's leading Code of Ethics for the market research industry.

Privacy and Confidentiality Protection

Modus Research adheres to the world's leading industry standards on privacy and confidentiality. We also strictly abide by all CRTC and Privacy Act regulations.

This prevents us from ever revealing your identity or personal information to anyone outside of Modus Research without your explicit consent. To ensure anonymity, the only information we share with our clients is aggregated survey response data. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact us at info@modusresearch.com.

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Member Selection

Probability sampling is a fundamental principal of sound research. Data using a probability based sample can accurately and reliably make statistical inferences about a population.

As the Modus Business Panel uses probability based sampling to achieve a truly representative sample of Canadian businesses, all panel members are chosen randomly from the Canadian population.

A Pledge to Our Members

  • We will ask you to participate in surveys no more often than once a month.
  • We will never reveal your identity to anyone outside of our company.
  • We will protect your personal information.
  • We will continually strive to make the experience a rewarding one.